The mandatory drivers’ license check-up for corporate car sharing

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 19 March 2018

Companies that use corporate car sharing and corporate cars, can have many reasons to provide those cars to their employees. It could be part of its business model like a delivery service or can be part of its employer branding. Either way, it’s the companies’ liability to check the drivers' licenses of its employees. Therefore, fleetster has developed different features to help keep track of that matter.

fleetster expands electric Casharing to Chile

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 4 July 2017

Around the world: fleetster’s corporate carsharing software is now also used in Latin America! Since the end of 2016, the Chilean company Engie Factory manages its permanently changing eVehicle-fleet with the Munich carsharing software.

fleetster Tutorial 1: Simple vehicle booking process

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 17 January 2017

Would you like to know how easy is to book a vehicle with fleetster?

To make your start with our Corporate Carsharing software even easier, we have now tutorial videos for you! In the first video we show you how simple and intuitive it is to book a poolcar in our fleetster corporate carsharing software.

In the first step, the user selects whether he w...

Innovative carsharing for modern blocks of flats

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 6 December 2016

Ecological building materials, passive-house standards, solar energy, green facades – an increasing number of architects, builders, and city planners prescribe to the idea of optimizing resources and promoting sustainable construction.
People who live consciously also want to do the same with their mobility. In modern living arrangements, tenants and owners have...

Test now! The fleetster keybox for pool cars

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 3 October 2016

Our software is fully automated, intuitive and easy to use. This is also how our Keyboxes work. Keep calm, and save time and money! Don’t believe us? Test the Keybox out yourself!
Our office is fully stocked with Keyboxes, and you can test them for up to three months for only €250 (net) a month, and shipping within Germany is included! Call us or drop us an E-mail...

Total Fleet Control

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 14 July 2016

When Mr. Smith, the caretaker, booked the Mercedes S-Class from the company’s carpool to take the old radiator to the recycling yard, it was done in a blink of an eye. Why? Because Mr. Smith used the fleetster app to book the best pool car on his smartphone without hassle, proving that with fleetster it is easy as ABC to book a business trip as a company employee. It g...

Update 24th June 2016

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 24 June 2016

Our goal is to have the best corporate carsharing and fleet management software. This is why we update our software every two weeks. Not every update is immediately visible to our customers, and some (such as security improvements and performance updates) are not visible at all. However, for any visible updates we create a detailed overview so that users can familiariz...

We proudly present...

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 16 June 2016

…our new product flyers! New features, new website, new hardware-integraition: Neue Funktionen, neue Website, neue Hardwareintegration: time for new flyers!

fleetster – Corporate Carsharing
The ideal software for companies with pool cars. Users can book the vehicles onli...