Fleet Master Access

  12 September 2018
Fleet Master Access


A new feature has been implemented which gives company administrators complete access and control of INVERS enabled vehicles. With this feature, an administrator can troubleshoot, service, or quickly check a vehicle’s status.

After logging in to the mobile application the Fleet Master Access bubble will be displayed to administrators of companies with this fleet access feature. To activate this feature for your company, please contact customer-support@fleetster.net.

Upon tapping the Fleet Master Access bubble a list and map tab will be displayed. The administrator can choose to view all INVERS connected vehicles in a list tab or on a map. Once a vehicle is selected a service booking is instantly created on the vehicle to keep track of interacting with the vehicle, then a page is displayed with the relevant INVERS component states.

The administrator can:

  • Lock/unlock a vehicle
  • View a vehicle's component states
  • View a vehicle's location on a map
  • Reset the INVERS modem, GPRS, Board or Bluetooth